1. Ma BaebeJeremiah Nedu0:31

The Story

Embark on a rhythmic global journey with Jeremiah Nedu’s latest afrobeats sensation, “Ma Baebe.” This vibrant track not only promises a romantic voyage but also delivers the signature beats of afrobeat, infusing the song with infectious energy that will get you grooving. Nedu’s music is a celebration of love and adventure, with an upbeat chorus and playful elements that add charm to the overall vibe. Join the afrobeats rhythm of “Ma Baebe” as Jeremiah Nedu weaves a melodic tale of romance and exploration, making this track a must-listen for anyone seeking an uplifting and dance-worthy experience.

Music video

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JNM - 2500

Ma Baebe

Release Date : January 5, 2024
Artist :Jeremiah Nedu
Genre :Afrobeats